School Life

theater0_thumb.jpg 3.2K

Halloween in class. I'm supposed to be a gypsy who's been bitten by a vampire - you can just about see the goopy red paint on my neck. Sarah next to me is wearing a pillowcase, stamped with patterns made from cut-out potatoes, made as an "Indian" costume in kindergarten. Naughty.

theatre1_thumb.jpg 3.5K

School theatre - from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, although neither R nor G is in this picture. Allison, kneeling with the hat, is Hamlet. Leslie is the Queen in the center. Kim beside me used to tie my shoelaces when I was too little to tie them myself.

theatre2_thumb.jpg 2.4K

Somehow school plays seem so much tackier after the fact. :) Well, it was a comedy. From Once Upon A Mattress. I'm the Wizard, Allison is the Queen.

theatre3_thumb.jpg 2.5K

... I can't actually remember what the name of this was. I was a Henpecked Husband, though. It was my biggest part in my school career. My name came first on the program (because I appeared first). The redhead by me is Jane.

theatre4_thumb.jpg 2.7K

From a series of monologues. I was a frazzled single girl ranting about phenakistoscopes and my lack of dates.

gegibecky_thumb.jpg 2.4K

Me, Leslie, Becky, Bernice, at about age 13. Sadly, the only picture I have of Becky.

graduation1_thumb.jpg 3.5K

If you've ever heard me explain that graduation at my school was practically a wedding, now you have proof. Me and Helen Burr.

graduation2_thumb.jpg 2.5K

Me and Allison - the other one.


tipdance1_thumb.jpg 2.7K

TIP pictures were often taken of everybody dressed up to go to the Dance. Of course, I wasn't much of a dancer. Me, Jenny, Kelly, Hillary, and... I can't remember her name!

tipdance2_thumb.jpg 3.6K

A different year. My twin Joy, me, Kelly, Hillary, Jenny, Becca?, Vicky?

tipdance3_thumb.jpg 3.1K

Same year, different dance, but I'm wearing the same outfit...

tipjenny_thumb.jpg 1.9K

Jenny tended to take off her glasses before the big posed pictures.

twins1_thumb.jpg 2.3K

Me and my 'twin', Joy Wallace. We really don't look that much alike, but we were instant friends and people who'd only met her would come up to me and ask about assignments for the class she was in.

tiptip_thumb.jpg 2.8K

The Twisted Improv Players. Ryan, in the front, doing silly things with his fingers.

tipcroquet_thumb.jpg 3.5K

My RA, staked to the ground. Funny things happen at TIP. :)

tipjay_thumb.jpg 2.1K

Yes, TIP is where I started getting a taste for crossdressing.


gegi-trek4_thumb.jpg 2.5K

As an Official Fan Club, Fleet members got to do things like be security for sanctioned events. Here we are with Garret Wang at Libertyland. Sadly, I got sick from the heat and never got to have my One On One with him. You can tell from Aaron's shirt that it was GODALMIGHTY hot.

gegi-trek3_thumb.jpg 3.1K

Eric, Allison, and Aaron at a Vampire game.

gegi-trek2_thumb.jpg 2.4K

My little sister, Allison, Charles, and me at Ali's graduation party.

gegi-trek1_thumb.jpg 2.7K

Me and Charles at a gathering at Juliet's house.


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Jessica and Jeremy, my best friends freshman year.

dukegaming_thumb.jpg 2.5K

Gaming group - Joe, Jeremy, Jay, Sakell, and Chappell.

dukemara_thumb.jpg 3.0K

My freshman year roommate, Mara Jebsen, now a poet. (The taller one.)

Drama and Romance

gegi-prom_thumb.jpg 2.2K

Charles and I posing before my junior Prom. Our first/second date. Which I'd had to ask him to by proxy, before taking the SAT, going to Disney for a week, spraining my ankle, returning to find out he'd said yes, taking the ACT, and frantically buying a dress and non-fitting shoes at the last minute. You can see my poor ankle is all wrapped up.

We had a lovely meal, the waitress fussed over us, we made a brief appearance at Prom, did not dance, left to wander romantically around downtown, then off to a starfleet party.

tipryan_thumb.jpg 2.3K

Ryan and I, in front of a museum in Houston, where I sneakily met up with him on a school trip, after having Confessed to him via email, leaving him to have to call hotels around town trying to find me, and then wait for me for hours when our bus was delayed. It was the last time I ever saw him, too. If I'd been accepted to Brown...

On the back of the photograph, he's written:

"As the cherry blossom flowers, so shall we -
blooming most brightly because it knows its season is short."