I exist.

Until I have another panic attack, anyway.

It's MY name and the rest of those thieving bandits should stop trying to dilute it!

When you search for MY name, you should find ME. And if I have to plaster pictures of myself all over the web in order to accomplish that.... well, so be it.

Pix of gegi - Much older pix of gegi - Oh, the self-indulgence!


MP3 of a piece of music I wrote and recorded (on old Mac MIDI software) when I was 17. I wish I had the score, so I could redo it on better equipment. I still like pieces of this quite a lot, but bits of it would be greatly improved by a less robotic sound...

Read gegi whine about games (video games, mostly)


A depressing short-story, lifted from an RPG sourcebook and reformatted to work better. Apologies to the creator. If you'd rather get it legally, this is the intro to the Autumn People sourcebook.

The Great Plot

A partial archive of fragmented stories told on Usenet around 1997. Long lost, and only partly found again.